Jacopo Dondi was founded by partners Jake and Carmen, based in Perth, Australia, in 2016.

Our watches are designed to display time in a much more natural way than your everyday wristwatch. Whilst our classic styling and elegant details look undoubtedly familiar, these timepieces, ultimately, change the way you perceive time.

With the support of 283 backers on Kickstarter, we were able to bring our watches into reality.


All of our watches are inspected, packaged, and shipped by us - while still working full-time jobs!

You came here because a part of you was interested in our story; the truth is, we're still writing the Jacopo Dondi story. If you order a watch, thank you - you just became a huge part of that story. If you can't order a watch right now, but you love them all the same, there are still some things you can do to show your support:

- Follow us on Instagram - we even give them away from time to time!
- Sign up to our mailing list (scroll to the bottom of any page)
- Just show a friend :)

Not everyone gets it, but we're here for the people that do!

Welcome, with love,

Jake & Carmen