Cambio - change, shift.

Say 'ciao' to our latest collection: the Cambio.


The Inizio was limited to only 500 pieces, but moving forward, there will not be a limited edition run of the Cambio. Instead, the Cambio will become our flagship model, taking the place of the Inizio in the near future.

Although only available in four colourways right now - the same four colourways that made up the Inizio collection - we hope to reveal a further six colourways in the coming months.


Why Cambio?

We tried to find a name that represented quite a few aspects for us and the watch itself. As you can see from the title, Cambio translates to change or, more aptly, shift. The Cambio is not such a dramatic turn away from the Inizio; the only feature to really change is the dial itself. Not only does Cambio represent changes that we've had to make internally, but it also signifies that the watch will, with the same 24-hour concept that we love, continue to shift our perception and provide us with a gentle nudge when we're maybe not using our time as wisely as we should be or could be.


When can I order the Cambio?

We'll hold off on opening up pre-orders for now until all the colourways are revealed. We just wanted to let everyone know now, before you start to see the Cambio introduced online over the next few weeks. We'll update you all again once pre-orders are open. We expect to start producing the Cambio in May and have production completed by around October. Although you'll have to wait a while before you can wear your watch, we'll be offering the Cambio at a significant discount for those that do decide to get in early during those production months.


Want a watch right now?

There are still a few weeks left to order your own Inizio. All 250 white dials have now gone their seperate ways around the world, but we still have a few black dials looking for places to call home.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far.

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jacopo Dondi