Production: One Month In

Please note that this post is taken from an update from our Kickstarter campaign

Hello Everyone,

We hope you had an awesome Easter break! It's been a month since our last check-in, and although there's not an awful lot to report, we've put an update together, regardless.


It's not only been a month since our last update, but it's also been just over a month since production began on your watches! We're still on track with the updated schedule and we haven't had any major issues, either, which is awesome! The biggest thing to happen was an unexpected tooling cost for adding a few more holes to the leather straps, but this wasn't too expensive in the scheme of things!


We wouldn't be a successful watch brand if we didn't find our way into GQ! This was only for the UK-based readers, but still, this was cool. We'll also be in the next two issues (June and July), as well!

6 reasons to own a 24-hour watch

Here's a little post we put together that has been doing the rounds on Facebook. It's probably nothing that our backers don't already know, but it's had some great feedback from newbies. Click here to read it.

Does a 24-hour watch mean something else to you? Let us know - we'd love to hear it!

Postal Addresses

Address updates are still trickling in. If anyone has a different address to the one you entered when you first filled in the survey, be sure to let us know so we can update the address in our system. You still have until around June to do this, and we'll be sure to remind you again a few weeks before we're ready to ship.

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jake Delaney