Pre-Ordering the Cambio 2019

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So you’re tempted to jump in and pre-order the Cambio

It’s become glaringly obvious to us that we have a few models of the Cambio that are in particularly high demand. For a bootstrapped microbrand, this has its pros and cons! While it is pretty darn flattering to be reassured that we have created a watch that people love, we simply can’t get ahead on the demand for the Cambio at this moment in time. Every time our most popular models go out of stock, and now that our inventories for these few models are depleted, we are sent daily reminders from people on the hunt for them of just how loved our watches are!

Those of you that have been following from the beginning will know that our white dials actually sold out during the pre-order we did last year, before they even arrived with us! Of course we kept a few off the site to allow for any potential faulty units that we may receive, but even when they did go up on the site a few days ago, they were gone within hours, and we were again humbled by the disappointed emails from those that missed out again.

So it only seems commonsensical that we allow those that are super keen to get their hands on their favoured model to claim theirs now - even if that means ordering well in advance of actually receiving their timepiece. At this present moment we don’t have a date as to when we’ll be going into production, but we’re aiming for it to be in the next few months. On this (our third) production run, we will certainly be producing our more in demand models in higher quantities, but again, as we are still a small business, there will be limits on how many will be available.

We thought we’d answer any questions you may have on pre-ordering your watches here. If something you’d like to know isn’t answered, just send us a message, and not only will we answer you directly, we’ll add the question and answer below.

When are you going into production?
We don’t know. Great start to answering your questions, hey? It could be tomorrow or it could be in a few months. This is why we’re offering the pre-order models at such a heavily discounted price; we understand that it takes a fair amount of trust to part ways with your money for a product that isn’t even made yet! But it’s also kinda romantic - the stoic kind, of course - to know that it’s your watch being made during that time.

It’s also worth noting here that the earlier you do get your order in, the less you will pay for your watch. $180 is the price you’ll pay when you place your order before we go into production. Once we are in production, the price will increase, and then continue to gradually increase the closer we get to delivery day.

When will I receive my watch?
This one’s pretty easy: 4-5 months after we go into production. As already stated: this is our third time in production! That’s a big deal! We only learned recently that we are the only Kickstarter-founded brand that our developer has worked with that has ever gone back into production! Any delays will be completely unexpected, but we’re not that arrogant that we don’t understand that, like anything in life, things can and do go wrong; if a meteorite impacts right on our watchmaker’s manufacturing facility, or there are any delays for that matter, you’ll be kept in the loop. Although you will probably have heard about the meteorite scenario before we get the chance.

Can I get a refund?
Anyone who orders during the pre-order period is welcome to a refund whenever they want one - right up until your watch is shipped from us to you. After this period our standard Ts and Cs of ordering a watch the “normal” way will kick in.

What if I move during production?
This has been known to happen. Just make sure you keep us updated with any change of address by sending us an email, and ensure that you opt to receive our updates when you checkout so that when we are eventually ready to ship, we can give you a bit of a prompt to get your new address to us.

What if I order a Cambio that is in stock as well as pre-order a Cambio that isn’t in stock?

In this scenario we won’t ship your order until both are in stock, but if you would particularly like the in-stock Cambio to be shipped first, just send us a message and we will do just that.

That’s it, folks! We certainly appreciate and admire anyone who does pre-order their watch well in advance, but the time will fly by and you’ll be experiencing time a little differently before you know it :)

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jacopo Dondi