Cambio Production Update


Copy of June-13.png

We're still on track for that December goal of shipping out your watches. A few of you have stated that you're ordering yours as Christmas presents, so we will be doing our best to fulfill before December!

What have we been up to?

We're currently working on a couple of things while your watches are being made.

New Packaging
One of these things is a new design for our packaging. Our old boxes were great, but we're looking at something a lot more compact and modern. Prototypes are currently being made for our approval and shouldn't cause any delays on shipping the Cambio. The next update should show the Cambio at home in its moving box.

New Strap Colour
We're also prototyping a new strap colour. This will be a very light grey. If we're happy with what we see, we'll add the new strap to the store so you can add them to your orders. This will come on a rose gold buckle and should look great on the Black | Rose Gold Cambio!

September price increase

As we get closer to that delivery date, the discount on the Cambio will become less and less. This means there are only days left to receive over 35% off your order!


Thank you to everyone that has already ordered! Your patience is beyond admirable.

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jacopo Dondi