Pre-Ordering the Cambio

You can now pre-order the Cambio! Yay! If you're not familiar with pre-ordering, we'd reccomend reading the following.

We haven't yet gone into production for the Cambio but we intend to do this around May/June time; we're just waiting on some more physical samples to be made so we can finalise the design. You'll notice that anyone ordering before we go into production will be receiving over 40% off; this is just a thank you from us for taking the plunge before a solid delivery date is set!

'So when will I receive my Cambio?'

Around October. This could change by a month or two either side, depending on how production goes. We're still a small microbrand and so we're always learning, but the great thing this time is: we can now say that we've done this before!

Copy of June-9.png

'You say 'finalise the design', does this mean I'm ordering a watch that could look completely different to what I'm pre-ordering?'

No. The orginal four colourways we had for the Inizio are all sampled and we're happy with these, but we've since added 6 further colourways to the Cambio collection. We'll just be checking that the quality lives up to our original design. There may be ever so slight colour variances from the images you see in the store - one example is the rose gold colour on our new additions; this will be more on the gold side than the rose side - but the actual design will not be changing.

'The Cambio looks very similar to the Inizio'

As we said in our introductory post for the Cambio:

'The Cambio is not such a dramatic turn away from the Inizio; the only feature to really change is the dial itself. Not only does Cambio represent changes that we've had to make internally, but it also signifies that the watch will, with the same 24-hour concept that we love, continue to shift our perception and provide us with a gentle nudge when we're maybe not using our time as wisely as we should be or could be.'

This is a great chance to order a 24-hour watch if you liked the design of the Inizio but missed out on the limited 500 pieces. We know that some buyers of the Inizio missed out on their preferred colourways so it's also a great chance for those people, too.

We know it's quite a long time to wait for a product that you've ordered, but we'll keep you updated on progress throughout production - just make sure you sign up to our mailing list when you checkout or you may be left in the dark! The earlier you order, the more money you'll save; we'll be increasing the price once we go into production and we'll gradually increase the price, month by month (obviously still at a reduced price to the RRP), all the way up until production is complete.

We understand that in this time you may have to change your address. Just send us an email with your change of address, and we'll update our system. We'll also send out an email a week or two before dispatch time to lockdown your addresses - again, it's vital that you register your email to receive these updates!

We're still having a lot of fun growing Jacopo Dondi and we can't wait to get started on your watches! If anyone has any queries, feel free to email us at

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jacopo Dondi