Cambio Production/Shipping Update

We have good news, folks! Production is now complete. We haven’t posted a proper production update since August so many of you have rightfully been chasing us up for an update on your orders. We’ve basically just been holding off until we had something a little more concrete to tell you all.

The watches themselves have been ready to go since the beginning of the month, but the packaging initially failed an inspection and many of the boxes had to be redone. This is now complete and we’ve been told that we can now arrange to have them picked up so we can start fulfilling your orders!

We’re hoping to have them shipped to us at some point next week and then begin fulfilment a few days later. This means we’re still on track for a November shipping date, and the majority - if not all - of you should receive your watches before Christmas!

Shipping Addresses

It’s obviously vital that we are shipping to the correct address. Some of you ordered quite a while ago and so we understand that things could have changed in that time. This will probably be the final prompt you get from us to update your address, so if you need to do it, please do this in the next week or so. Just send us through an email with the new address and your order number. Thank you to those of you who have already done this.

Thank You

As expected, we’ll be ending the pre-order discount pretty much as soon as we begin shipping the Cambio. If you’ve been holding out on ordering one, now is definitely the time to take advantage of the 28% discount we’re currently offering - knowing that you’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks to receive your watch!

Thanks again to absolutely every single person that has ordered a watch, told a friend or friends about our business, liked a picture, or did anything to spread the word about our watches; it means pretty much everything to us at this moment in our lives. It takes a lot of trust to order a product before it’s even been made yet - especially from a young business that is still learning a lot every day! Every single time someone orders, it’s a huge reassurance that we’re doing something right!

With Love (and a heap of gratitude!),

Jake & Carmen

Jacopo Dondi