Production: Two Months In

Hi Guys,

It's that time again when we check-in on production progress. The good news is: we're still on track.


The only thing that's really come up since our last update is our packaging. There's no issue; we just had the packaging redone with the updated logo. We're also working on packaging for the individual straps that we'll be sending to those of you that ordered them.


As promised, we're in here for a second month!

For The Watch-Lovers

Marie Antoinette's Watch

I (Jake) recently finished reading Marie Antoinette's Watch by John Biggs. It's the first book I've read that's explicitly about watches and I can't recommend it highly enough. Yes, it's mostly about one watch in particular, but it covers so much more on the real labour of love that watchmaking is. Watches are no longer "needed," so this book elaborates on the romantic disposition that we seem to have for them.

The HourTime Podcast

We're both huge fans of podcasts and The HourTime Podcast is the most recent one that we've discovered. Also John Biggs-related, he hosts the show along with Ariel Adams, the founder of A Blog to Watch - probably the most popular watch blog in the world. They focus a little more on high-end, luxury watches, and can be a little cautious when it comes to the topic of Kickstarter watch brands, but overall, they've greatly attributed to furthering our appreciation for these needless necessities. We're just jealous that you have over 100 hours of podcasts to listen to!

We'll try not to bug you guys too much with the "things we like" category in our updates! We feel that there's certainly some value in the above recommendations, though.


We'll continue to keep you updated monthly, and even more regularly if there's any significant news regarding production. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jake Delaney