There's not much to say here except, WE ARE IN PRODUCTION!

We apologise for only going into production in the same month that we had hoped to be fulfilling our backers' rewards, but we take some comfort in the knowledge that the average delay on a Kickstarter project is 9 months after the expected delivery date.

Speaking of delivery; here is the revised timeline for fulfillment, now that we are in production:

We could fulfill before July if things go super smoothly from here-on-in, but we're obviously not going to make that promise! We'll stick with being realistic.

If you're waiting to be able to order your own, we expect to be selling them on our store soon after fulfilling our backers' rewards. Scroll down to the bottom of our website to sign up to our email list and you'll be the first to know once the store goes live.

With Love,

Jake & Carmen