Online Store Launch

We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching our online store today, 16.12 (AWST), and it will stay exclusively open for our mailing list until 18.12 (AWST).

You'll receive an email with your password as soon as the store goes live.

As much as we would love to further extend our gratitude by offering a discount on the watch itself to our awesome early-adopters, we simply can't. Kickstarter certainly did what it was supposed to - it Kickstarted our business - but we're relying on the sale of the remainder of our Kickstarter watches to fund our future and every cent counts at this stage! We hope you'll take some pride in knowing that you're not just purchasing a unique companion for yourself, you're contributing so much more.

Free Strap With Every Order

Although we can't offer a discount on the watches themselves, we are able to offer a free casual silicone strap for everyone that orders a watch! If this doesn't take your fancy, you can use that same offer to get 50% off of a leather strap, instead! A code will be sent to you the minute the store launches.


Get In Early!

We're not just saying this, either; we have very limited stock remaining after fulfilling our Kickstarter rewards. If you are particularly after a white dial, this is predominantly aimed at you! We know not everyone that signed up to our mailing list is going to order, but if you did all happen to try, 66% of you would miss out. Get in early, just in case!

Christmas Delivery

It's probably obvious that we won't be able to guarantee delivery for Christmas. We're not saying that you won't receive your order by Christmas, we're just not guaranteeing it. The further you are from Australia, the less likely it will happen, too.

Design Change

On a final note, this certainly won't be your last chance to order a 24-hour watch, but it will be your last chance to own this particular design. We expect to reveal our new-look design in early 2018 and open for pre-orders soon after, ready for a mid-2018 delivery. The design is a drastic change in certain ways and yet is still of the same design-style; we think you'll still like it if you're into the current design.

We thank everyone for their support so far and for believing in this idea. We hope that our watches will bring about that change in perception that you seek. If nothing else, they are certainly timepieces that will spark conversation.

With Love,

Jake & Carmen

Jacopo Dondi