We Are Funded!

Please note that this post is taken from an update from our Kickstarter campaign

Dear Backers,

We can now say that we were successfully funded - and essentially founded - on Kickstarter. Massive thank yous go out to everyone that supported us and believed in our product. We think this is the start of something very special and we hope you will agree.

We know that we still have a long road ahead, but we're confident, that with the people we have onboard, we can reward all of you with the gift of a watch that will, ultimately, change the way you view time.

We would also like to thank Eugene for making this process much smoother than it would have been without him. From day one he has supported the idea and he deserves a tremendous amount of credit.

What happens now?

We will be posting another update - hopefully in the next few days - regarding the survey that will be sent out, where you can all chose your rewards. We just want to wait and see what happens with the funds first. It's well known that a small percentage of cards are usually declined, so we'd like to see where we stand once that process is over.

We've already started the process for the second round of prototypes. They should be with us within a month or two, and as soon as we get our hands on them we will send out some photos to show everyone the finished product. It would have been awesome to have been fully funded within a few days of launch, and then we could almost have skipped this waiting period, but it is what it is. You all provided such vital feedback during the campaign - maybe it was the best thing that this process only started at the end, anyway!

It's not over for pre-orders, though. If you know anyone that has missed out on the campaign, but doesn't want to miss out on a watch from our first production run, please send them to our website www.jacopodondi.com, where we will be setting up a store within the next few days. They won't receive as great an offer as everyone here, but they will still be slightly discounted to show our appreciation for being so patient.

Thank you again, everyone.

With Love & Appreciation,

Jake & Carmen